The Art of Cider Edition No.1 was produced ex-
clusively to the taste of Jay Ryan. For this cider
old apple species from the region of river Elbe
were fermented with vanilla, red pepper and
chilies, blended with quince, red- and black-
currant and aromated with lavender blossoms.
It was maturated for 15 months in a french oak
barrel, filtered, slightly sulphurated and filled
cold into bottles. It is a limited edition of
400 bottles.

Cont.: 500 ml, 11% vol. alc.
Drinking temperature: 9-11°Celsius.

The idea behind „the art of cider“

Unlike other artist’s wine editions we didn’t want to simply put
an artist’s label on a bottle to upgrade the product. In this
edition the content of the bottle should have to do something
more with the artist who designes the edition and the label.
Therefore we talk to him before to find out what his taste is
and try to make a cider that really suits the artist and his work.
Like the posters the bottles are a limited edition of 400. For the
future there will always be only one barrique in collaboration with
one artist, too. Concerning Jay Ryan the cider has hopefully
become as kind and enigmatic as the artist and his work itself.
Who would have thought that applecider fits with vanilla, chilies and some other strange ingredients? As far as that is concerned Jay with his varied interests and surprising likings was the ideal partner for this first edition because he’s an eye-opener for where this project can lead to in matters of taste. By the way, drinking it produces thesame effect than looking at Jay’s pictures. It gives you a bright and perfectly content feeling.

Jay Ryan (born 1972) works in Chicago, as the owner of The Bird Machine, a screen print poster shop
{ }.

He draws and prints posters and
album covers for bands from across
the States and Europe, and plays in
his own band, Dianogah. Jay loves
his job, and can often be found alone
at his drawing table, giggling to him-
self. He lives with Diana Sudyka, his
wife, and their friend Seth the greyhound.

the art of cider edition no. 1 contents:
Four screens print on manila cover-weight paper,
12 x 24 inches handprinted, signed and numbered.
One bottle of art cider edition No. 1, 2006, 500 ml,
with information about the development of the edition,
packed in a paperboard box with label.

price: Euro 60,-,– plus shipping costs.

Please ask for availability and shipping details by mail first. We will confirm your order by mail, tell you the total costs and send out your order after receiving the money. { please ask }


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